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Practice social responsibility -- Tianjin Kimwan installs leisure seats for residents of Jianxin community
In order to provide a more comfortable living and leisure environment for the community residents near the company and further play the role of CO residence, co construction and co service, Tianjin Kimwan has installed 10 leisure seats in many places in Jianyi community under its jurisdiction.
On the morning of November 24, the donation ceremony was held in the activity room of the neighborhood committee of jianxinyi community. The ceremony was presided over by Deputy Secretary Wang of jianxinyi community, attended by Gao Xiang, executive director of Tianjin Kimwan operation and representatives of community residents. General Manager Gao Xiang said that in the future, he will continue to pay attention to the community situation, listen to the voice of the people, solve the urgent needs of the people, and fulfill the responsibility of the enterprise.
Jianxinyi community is an old community. The community infrastructure is lacking, the supporting facilities are imperfect, and there are few places for residents to rest. There are usually more elderly people. In order to rest and chat together, elderly friends often leave the old sofas and chairs discarded by residents when they move and put them at the entrance of the unit corridor, which not only affects the environment, but also has great potential safety hazards. The installation of leisure seats has been highly praised by community residents.
Kimwan carbon materials has always been committed to caring public welfare undertakings and adhere to being a conscientious enterprise with both corporate efficiency and social responsibility. After learning that there are many elderly residents in Jianyi community and the infrastructure is in short supply, our company takes the initiative to donate to the community, hoping to make a modest contribution to enrich the community infrastructure resources in the cold winter, Offer care to residents in need in the community.
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