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Anhui Kimwan carbon material Party branch went to the meeting site of Nanhu first university to learn the red boat spirit

On July 3, 2021, Anhui Kimwan carbon material Party branch and his party came to Jiaxing Nanhu. The beautiful water is vast and the red boat is still there. Beside the island in the middle of the lake, a red boat lies on the water, restoring the historical scene of the birth of the Communist Party of China. We are full of devotion to the red boat of Nanhu Lake and the place where our party dreams to set sail.

After the visit to Nanhu, the party members came to the Nanhu revolutionary memorial hall and reviewed the great course of the birth and development of our party. President Chen Qian gave us a detailed and vivid explanation of a touching heroic deed of the Communist Party of China from its birth to its development and growth, as well as the reform and Innovation led by the people of the whole country after the founding of new China Forge ahead and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of "two centenaries".

"I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the party's program, abide by the party's articles of association and fulfill the obligations of Party members..." in front of the oath wall outside the Nanhu revolution memorial hall, Anhui Kimwan party members raised their right fist and solemnly swore. Their voices mingled, word by word, loud.

This study trip to Nanhu, Jiaxing has deeply educated and inspired everyone. This activity enabled party members to closely accept the baptism of a revolutionary tradition, and truly feel the pioneering spirit of pioneering and daring to be the first, the firm ideal and indomitable spirit of struggle, and the dedication of building the party for the public and loyal to the people. Everyone said that they would bring the spiritual nutrients from the trip to Nanhu in Jiaxing to their work, never forget their original heart, keep their mission in mind, practice the red boat spirit of the new era in their jobs, strive to gather a strong joint force to promote the high-quality development of enterprises, and offer a gift to the Centennial birthday of the party!

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