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Anhui Kimwan carbon material Party branch goes to the old revolutionary base to study and practice -- remembering the martyrs and helping agriculture
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, according to the instructions of the superior party committee, we should deeply study the Centennial party history, comprehensively strengthen the construction of the contingent of Party members, enhance the sense of honor and mission of Party members, and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members. On March 28, Anhui Kimwan Party branch organized party members and activists to join the party in the old revolutionary base areas to participate in the activity of "remembering the martyrs and helping agriculture and benefiting agriculture".
In the morning, I visited the statue of martyr LV Hui in Luhui village, Xikou Town, Xuancheng City, and learned the heroic deeds and hard struggle spirit of revolutionary martyrs on site. Under the leadership of Comrade Zhou Jianwen, the chief expert of the company and an old Party branch secretary with 45 years of party experience, he studied the party history more deeply and deeply realized that without the blood and sacrifice of countless revolutionary martyrs, we would not have a happy life now. And in front of the statue of the martyr, solemnly swear - review the oath of joining the party. It has strengthened the ideals and beliefs of comrades and never forgotten their original heart! keep the mission firmly in mind! It is the so-called "the wind blows the fragrance of tea trees thousands of miles, and the joy of singing and laughing is high". In the afternoon, everyone participated in the activities of helping agriculture and benefiting agriculture. I visited the local tea farmers and interacted with them in the process of picking and making tea. Everyone felt the same, experienced the hardships and simple happiness of the working people, and had an in-depth understanding of the production and life of tea farmers. Seeing the earth shaking changes in the lives of tea farmers, we are sincerely happy for them. This has further confirmed the fruitful results of the fight against poverty under the correct leadership of the party. All Party members and comrades participating in the event believed that Anhui Kimwan should further enhance the cohesion, combat effectiveness, service awareness and social responsibility of the team, and develop and expand the team of Party members. We should actively consolidate and consolidate the fruits of victory in the battle against poverty, actively organize various social practice and learning activities, give full play to the party's advanced nature and representativeness, and show the glorious tradition of Communists' hardworking, daring to play and bravely strive for the first place, and enhance the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation. In order to inspire the company's employees to love the party and the enterprise, and promote the sound and rapid development of Kimwan carbon materials.
Through this activity, everyone benefited a lot and gained a lot. One after another said: by persisting in studying the Centennial party history carefully, we have fully felt the selfless dedication of the revolutionary martyrs who are not afraid of hardship and sacrifice. By recalling the original intention of joining the party, comparing the original mission and benchmarking advanced models, we can strengthen the ideals and beliefs of communism, and always remind ourselves that as a Communist Party member, we should give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members in ordinary posts. Build a firm foundation of faith, always maintain loyalty to the party, and contribute to the society and the development of Kimwan carbon materials.
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