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Unite as one to fight the "epidemic". Tianjin Kimwan, together with the entrepreneur association of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, donated epidemic prevention materials to No. 2 Bridge Street

Recently, in order to help prevent and control the epidemic prevention and control, Tianjin Kimwan carbon materials, together with the Tianjin Municipal Association of entrepreneurs of the Kuomintang, donated 60 thousand yuan of anti epidemic materials to protective clothing, medical masks, alcohol gels and other 60 thousand epidemic prevention materials to the street offices of Hedong District, to support the epidemic prevention and control work in the streets. Tianjin Kimwan took the initiative to practice corporate social responsibility together with the Federation of private revolutionary enterprises, and took practical actions to convey the confidence and determination of unity and victory in the war.

Since January 8th, the first case of New Coronavirus has been discovered in Tianjin. Our company responds to the deployment of Tianjin municipal government's epidemic prevention policy for the first time, and fully coordinates the work of personnel investigation, control and comprehensive nucleic acid detection in the whole city.

The epidemic affects the hearts of every Chinese. As a local enterprise in Tianjin, while pursuing its own development, it adheres to the spirit of "working together in the same boat", returns to the society at the critical moment, practices the responsibilities and responsibilities of the enterprise with practical actions, injects strong impetus into winning the war of prevention and control of the epidemic, and works with the people of the whole city in the spirit of great social love and mutual help, Total gram epidemic situation.

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