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Vice governor Lu Dongliang of Shanxi Province visited Kimwan hydrogen source for investigation

On June 25, 2021, vice governor Lu Dongliang of Shanxi Province and his party went deep into the airport economic development zone to our company for investigation and research. Zhang Hongliang, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, Wang Hongjin, director of the Provincial Department of Commerce and other leaders attended.

After arriving at the company, vice governor Lu Dongliang and his party, accompanied by our chairman Zang Wenping, chief scientist Gao Lin and Deputy Marketing General Manager Wang can, successively visited the product exhibition hall and hydrogen production equipment workshop of Kimwan group, seriously inquired about the development status of Kimwan group, and made a detailed understanding of the industrialization of the group's products and hydrogen source equipment.

Chairman Zang Wenping welcomed the investigation of vice governor Lu Dongliang and his party, and said that the future strategic cooperation between Kimwan group and Shanxi Luliang can provide strong support for the group's business in Shanxi. Chairman Zang Wenping said that Shanxi is an important national energy base and is currently in an important period of high-quality transformation and development. The development direction is highly consistent with the business of Kimwan group's hydrogen energy industry, and the cooperation between the two sides has broad prospects. Kimwan group is willing to take Shanxi as the key area of investment layout, actively give full play to its own advantages, strengthen cooperation with Shanxi in the fields of special carbon and new energy industries, and help Shanxi develop green.

After listening to the report of chairman Zang Wenping on the development and future planning of Kimwan group's strategic industries, vice governor Lu Dongliang stressed that from the perspective of the 14th five year plan, the new materials and new energy industries of Kimwan group belong to national key strategic fields, and Kimwan group is based on high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, The cooperation between Shanxi and Kimwan group has a good foundation and great potential. We hope Kimwan can actively participate in the pilot of comprehensive reform of Shanxi energy revolution, promote project construction, broaden cooperation fields and realize sharing, integration and win-win results.

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